Book Reviews:
Chiricú Journal, Radio: Wireless Poem in Thirteen Messages and Uncollected Poems by Kyn Taniya
Indiana Review, A Tongue in the Mouth of the Dying by Laurie Ann Guerrero

The Inquisitive Eater, “Comida: Feeding the Displaced”

The Common, Three Poems
, Three Poems
Stirring: A Literary Collection, “Creation Myth”
Washington Square Review, “Joyland”
The BoilerThree Poems
New Delta Review“Tender”
Washington Square Review, “The Hitching Post”
Southern Indiana Review, “A Poem for Clint Frazier”
Rattle, “Bathtub Baptism
Stirring: A Literary Collection“A History of Domesticity”
Iron Horse Literary Review, “The Acts of Making Love”
Phoebe“Prayer for Object of Obsession”
Hotel Amerika, Two Poems
Ninth Letter“Creation Myth”
Rattle“Poem for the Educated Black Woman Who Asked My Opinion on Shared Suffering”